Insulated Concrete Mix for reducing thermal transmittance From Hot & Cold Source through walls...


Insulmix Wall Plaster is a light grey pre-packed cement-based powder concrete mix composed of special hydraulic binders with sealed expanded clay with a size range of 0 to 2 mm, expanded microspheres and minerals and special additive for thermal insulation for walls.

By the use of the cells, expanded clay expanded microspheres and minerals and addition of silicone sealants the cement concrete mix for Insulated wall plaster made has more strength and resists the penetration of water to a greater extent than open-celled aggregates of the same weight. Compared to the other lightweight concrete, however, Insulmix Wall Plaster is more resistance to rainwater and has higher strength.


Features & Benefits

  • Thermal Transmittance is reduced.
  • Lightweight Motar
  • Insulmix Wall Plaster provides better insulation with desired high resistivity & less conductivity.
  • It has a good compression strength
  • Due to the compact structure of expanded grits; settling of material does not take place and air gap and cracks on the wall are not formed.
  • Insulmix Wall Plaster is having water protecting agents that help the concrete to have better water resistance.
  • Insulated concrete being cement & masonry based prevents any crack formation after drying or with time.