Silane Siloxane Base Water Repellent; Technology – Nanotechnology

Under atmospheric conditions, the Nanoseal Dry Look reacts with the silica in both concrete and brickwork structures. The product formed penetrates into the fine pores and cracks of these structures. This reaction forms strong permanent bonds beneath the surface and creates a hydrophobic zone (film). I.e. it reduces porosity and thus reduces the capillary absorption of the building which it has penetrated, but does not clog pores or capillaries. There is therefore little or no impairment of the building material´s ability to “breathe”. Thus it prevents water molecules from penetrating, but allows water vapour to escape. The permanent bonds formed in the process enables NANOSEAL Dry Look to become an integral part of the substrate, which provides a long-term water repellent protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects against water damage, staining and corrosion
  • Single component product - no jobsite dilution or two-part mixture necessary
  • Has good depth of penetration; Resists water penetration, even at hairline cracks.
  • Performs well on porous substrates e.g. split-faced block.
  • Shows no surface discoloration.
  • Non-glossy , gives dry effect after application on bricks

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