Photo in the left shows how thermal bridging happens through the studs in the home where traditional insulation cannot be used Photo in the right shows, Using thermal insulation coating over the entire wall surface greatly reduces heat flow through those thermal bridging areas.

Insul Wrap is a white colored viscous coating made of nanomaterials that provide air pockets in the coating. It works with both the technologies , I R Reflection Technology & Thermal insulation technology. InsulWrap can be applied on roofs as well as on walls as paints. InsulWrap can be tinted with any pigment to get colored coating. Easily applied with sprayer, brush, or roller. Thermal conductivity (k Value ) of the nano material is as low as 0.012 W/m.K at 25 Degree C. InsulWrap reduces heat flow through a building assembly by 34.8% and increases thermal resistance by 28.8%.


  • Insul Wrap provides better insulation with desired high resistivity & less conductivity.
  • InsulWrap also provides acoustic property.
  • InsulWrap is effective in all type of climates.
  • Provides Condensation control !
  • Ultra-low conductivity, even under compression.
  • No performance degradation over time.
  • It provides Superior CUI performance.
  • Performance from cryogenic to high temperature -30 to 200°C.
  • Persist Extreme hydrophobicity.
  • Have Mechanical resilience and integrity under load.


  • Cool Roofs for all climate type cities.
  • Cool Wal Paints for all climate type cities.
  • Affordable Housing
  • Protecting pipes from energy loss
  • InsulWrap can be applied on any area & substrate from where energy loss is to be prevented.

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