Roof Water Proofing

Cooling and Waterproofing on roof can be complex. Any treatment on roof - Cooling and waterproofing requires the concrete substrate to be adequately protected and a sloped surface provided for effective drainage of water.

Roof is the area from where maximum crack development takes place due to increased rate of expansion & contraction as a consequence of extreme temp variance & variance in workmanship. This ends in water leakage & hence corrosion of reinforcement and thus deterioration of the construction before time; renovation cost, maintenance cost.

Roof Waterproofing from Panache gives the range of products protecting the roof from water leakage & weather resistance. Roof Waterproofing provides complete system for protecting the roof from water leakage at various places & for various applications. Roof Waterproofing also has the specialty of providing complete system for any problem with technical backups.

Roof Waterproofing From Panache Provides With The Unique Products. For Complete building enveloping, Panache can assist you to achieve the best cooling + waterproofing treatment solution for your project.

  • Highly tough & flexible cooling and waterproof layer formed.
  • Can be done on China Mosaic defected roofs also.
  • Minimum life of 4 to 5 years over other conventional products.
  • Best for existing roofs.