Wood Care Coatings

Wood Care Coatings

Wood care Coatings is water proof & heat resistant coating. Wood coatings Wrap protects wood against water damage, heat splitting, staining and corrosion. It fills the grains of the wood & gives smooth surface for further finish.

Wood care Coatings has its excellent use for exterior doors & windows which are to be protected from discoloration by rain water & sun heat. Wood Wrap gives an excellent base to wood for paint effect.

  • Becomes an integral part of wood
  • One coat application
  • Leaves a clear, natural finish with no surface film
  • Retards fungus, molding, rotting and warping
  • Significantly decreases deterioration due to weathering
  • Non-toxic, environmental and ecological friendly
  • Enables easier removal of snow and ice
  • Provides a prepared surface for paint, varnish or stain
  • Extend the lifetime of wood
  • Acts as a primer
Termite prevention

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