Why Smart Buildings?

  • So, what is a smart building?

  • Smart building is one that achieves significant energy savings by taking advantage of improved technology and materials in terms of structure, appliances, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVACR.
  • There is a good deal of overlap with LEED standards for green buildings, but LEED covers more ground and deals with some issues that are not directly related to the building’s energy consumption.
  • Improving Performance with Integrated Smart Buildings

  • Executive Summary: Smart buildings exist today. They are increasingly valuable for both facility executives and the overall organization. Smart building strategies can reduce energy costs, increase the productivity of the facility staff, improve building operations, support sustainability efforts and enhance decision making across the organization.
  • The key to a smart building is integration: linking building systems together and then connecting the building automation system to enterprise systems. Integration is enabling facility executives to reap smart-building benefits, both in new construction and also by gradually transforming existing buildings into smart buildings.
  • Many buildings currently have the capability to become smart buildings. But facility executives often fail to take advantage of those capabilities, not realizing that the advanced technology in their building systems is a platform for a smart building.
  • This Panache Green takes an in-depth look at smart building capabilities being implemented today, and shows facility executives options they can consider to make their own buildings smarter.
  • The Panache Green examines:

  • What makes a smart building
  • Smart-building strategies being used by specific buildings
  • Benefits of integration
  • How existing buildings are using integration to become smarter
  • Challenges to creating smart buildings
  • Smart Buildings Are Dynamic

  • Becoming a smart building is not a one-time event. Facility executives who take a long-term perspective can incorporate smart-building improvements over time.
  • Existing Buildings Can Also Be Smart Buildings

  • A building doesn’t have to be new to be smart. Facility executives can use a step-by-step process to incorporate smart building capabilities into existing buildings.

Smart buildings deliver integrated lighting, improved comfort, greater security, and better sanitation at the lowest cost, says expert

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