CI Aqua is a blend of complex inorganic and organic rust removers and preventives, wetting agents along with water soluble resins etc. in a suitable medium. The product converts existing rust on an iron, steel or any metal (copper, aluminum, brass or the like) surface to a film tightly bonded to the surface and which prevents further oxidation and subsequent formation of rust on the surfaces. The product is very much effective over a long period of time and the surface prepared by applying the product is readily available / suitable for applying paint coating on the same.

The film created by the CI Aqua is not affected by humidity, temperature, sunlight, corrosiveness of atmosphere, salty weather, and condensation, indoor or outdoor storage. It can easily be applied on all type of surfaces: plain smooth, rough surfaces having holes, threads, and entirely closed system, open assemblies etc. The product is ideal for use to prevent rusting during intermediate stages of manufacturing process of parts, machines etc. saving reprocessing cost.