Mix of Nano Penetrating & sealing cross linked fluoropolymer silicones

Technology - Nanotechnology

MarboSealer is innovatively formulated Fluoro polymeric mix of silicones and other nano additives that penetrate into the stone’s porosity to a depth of 4 to 6 mm blocking the pores and making the structure of stone hard permanently resisting it from any weathering , also making it Oleo based & hydro based stain and dirt resistant. It reduces the quantity of quartz in a marble and increases its aesthetic value as well. MarboSealer also reduces the surface temperature by 2- 4 0 C of the stone on which it is being applied.

The smooth stainless dirt free marble with enhanced effects is observed!



Stains; Pin Holes; Low Gloss…Yellowness…Dullness…Dirt Pickup…Oil stains, More Quartz

Features & Benefits

  • The Permeate MarboSealer makes the stone resistant to stain dust & various weather conditions.
  • They increase the structural hardness, which makes the stone resistant to weather deterioration.
  • Number of quartz presence in the marble is reduced; increasing the monetary value.
  • There is no film like coating formed on the surface, which would peel off due to dust and abrasion.
  • The newly formed, highly reflective crystal within the stone structure gives advance and long lasting glossy finish.
  • Single component product - no jobsite dilution or mixing necessary.
  • Has good depth of penetration.
  • Performs well on porous substrates.
  • Shows no surface discoloration.
  • Non-glossy gives dry effect after application on marble stone.
  • Has excellent & rapid development of beading effect.

Marbo sealer can be used for new/restored surfaces with high porosity & absorbent mineral substrates

  • Jaisalmer Marble
  • White Marble
  • Colored Marble
  • All other type of Marble
  • Italian Marble

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