Nano Gel® is water based concrete penetrating film forming sealer as Nano emulsion working on silicate siliconate cross linking polymerization technology formulated to waterproof, damp proof, and seal and keep the natural appearance and profile of Portland cement based concrete.

Under atmospheric conditions, NANOGEL reacts with the silica in concrete and masonry. As the chemical penetrates into the pores and water has evaporated, the siliconate reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) to form CO3 and the water-repellent active gel type salt of silicic acid. Thus it penetrates into fine pores and cracks to form a water proof locking by undergoing cross linking reaction with the base silica to form a nano-pore blocking gel type of film. This film reduces its porosity by preventing water molecules from penetrating, but allows water vapor to escape. The chemical bond formed in this process allows NANOGEL to become an integral part of the substrate that provides a long-term water proof gel type film blocking the capillaries of the concrete. The excess chemical leaves the white residue on the surface which can be mopped away for clean application.

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