COOL, Elastomeric, Dust Repellent & Crack Free Decorative Wall Coating

Technology – I R REFLECTION Technology & NANO TECHNOLOGY

Cooler walls mean Longer Life of walls with crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling. Cool Wrap amends walls just like new and provides energy conservation for temperature stability. Cool Wrap is a single component coating for cool walls. It’s being UV resistant, ecofriendly, NIL VOC adds to environment benefits with added advantage of Silicone Technology of cross linking to give better bonding & better weather resistance. Different color shades can also be achieved with reflective pigments.

Features & Benefits

  • SRI – 109; Reflectivity - 90% Emissivity - 0.87
  • Stops Heating Of Roofs due to Sun Exposure.
  • Reduces Indoor under wall surface temperature by up to 4 - 8 0C.
  • Decorative with low dirt pick up.
  • Breathe ability for preventing moisture in roofs (MICROPOROUS).
  • Good resistance - Against UV, Infrared rays and algal & fungal growth.
  • Impermeable to wind driven rain and thus weather resistant.
  • Protects the plaster of walls to develop further cracks by controlling temp variance.