Asphalt Prime is a water base primer with high resistance to bitumen, APP membrane & salt efflorescence etc. It has strong Asphalt leech resistance property & high bonding strength with the substrate, which makes it highly appreciable primer applicable on bitumen surface.

Its application on substrate with bitumen for Cool Roofing System increases life of the Roofs, not compromising on its SRI value and cooling effect of the system .it also has anti carbonation effects and Salt resistance property; this makes Asphalt prime widely used primer for various application.

Features & Benefits

  • It is single component emulsion.
  • It has high bonding with the substrate.
  • It provides anti carbonation and acid rain resistance to the surface.
  • It forms an asphalt leech resistance film on the asphalt applied substrate so that bitumen components do not flows on the surface and soil the coating.
  • Cool Roof when applied on this Asphalt prime applied surface, protects the roof from heat ingress and keeps the surface cool.

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