Scope / Substrate

  • Cemented Walls


STEP 1: Surface Preparation

  • All wall area shall be made free from all debris, dust, dirt and other loose material.
  • All sharp protrusions shall be grinded and made a level with the surface. Loosely bonded particles and weak substrate shall be removed completely.
  •  Wash with the water then let it dry completely.


STEP  2: Applying a single coat of “Nano Primer”

  • Tools: Brush
  • Applying as the base coat to give bonding to the substrate. Reduces porosity of the surface. Salt & dampness resistance on interior & exterior walls. It is water based.


STEP 3: Applying 2 Coats of “Cool Wrap”

  • TOOLS : Brush / Roller / Spray
  • Apply two coats of Cool Wrap

(It is a single component coating for cool walls with high SRI-109. It is being UV resistant, eco-friendly, NIL VOC adds to environment benefits with the added advantage of Silicone Technology of cross-linking. It gives crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling.)



  • The surface should be absolutely free from dust.
  • The Cool Roof application has to be done up to the parapet top-level – copping for best results.
  • Keep proper drying time between applications of every single coat.