• Cemented Tanks
  •  Syntax Tanks


STEP 1: Surface Preparation

  • The tank along with the exposed pipe to the sun shall be made free from all debris, dust, dirt and other loose material.
  •  All sharp protrusions shall be grinded and made a level with the surface in case of cementeous tank. Also, loosely bonded particles and weak substrate shall be removed completely.


STEP 2: Application of 2 Coats of “ Cool Guard” - Reflective & Insulating coating on Tank and the duct pipes

  • Ratio:

 Cool Guard: Water

         2kg    : 2.5 ltr

  • Tools: Brush
  • The first coat will be applied as a saturated coat.
  • The second coat will be finishing coat.


STEP 3: Application of 2 Coats of “Cool Top” - Hi SRI Coating on Tank and the duct pipes

  • Ratio:

 Cool Top: Water

      1 ltr   : 400ml

  • Tools: Brush; Spray
  • Apply 2 coats providing finished smooth, elastomeric & reflective white layer on the desired surface.


STEP 4: Application of 1 Coat of Transeal - UV & Dust protective coating on Tank and the duct pipes

  • TOOLS: Brush; Spray
  • Apply Single coat of Transeal layer as final Protective Coating.



  • The surface should be absolutely free from dust.
  • Keep proper drying time between applications of every single coat.